The Good

Choosing the right fit EPOS system for your business is crucial. It could well be one of the most important business decisions you make.

From your general day to day sales transactions, to controlling stock, preventing fraud and detecting pricing errors, your EPOS is now so much more advanced than you ever thought possible. It has become an imperative business management tool.

Whether you are in fashion retail, hospitality, leisure or anywhere in between, you need a system that works hard for you. By that we mean a system that is not only intelligent enough to do all of the above but also do so quickly, reliably and efficiently.

A good system that can provide you with speed, reliability and efficiency is a system worth its weight in gold. The quality and performance of our terminals are what we pride ourselves on.

The Bad and The Downright Ugly

Companies, particularly smaller independent companies, are often fooled into buying a cheaper, poor performing, unreliable and ugly EPOS system. Why? Usually it comes down to the cost of the unit. The problem is, the cheaper the unit, the less likely it is to perform the way you want, last as long as you need or look as good a Good unit.

Cheaper units are not really built with reliability in mind. Therefore, at several points in its lifespan it will need assistance. Servicing and maintenance costs can be high and are often not costs that are factored into your general business outgoings. Not to mention the actual amount you are set to lose when a till goes down. Depending on your type of business, this could range from hundreds to thousands of pounds an hour, day or week, and that certainly isn’t a cost anyone wants to face.

Let’s just touch on the aesthetics too. For example, you have gone to the expense of a shop fitting that will rival the big high street brands. You are pleased with the outcome and then you come to have your EPOS installed. There are cables on show everywhere, the bulky unit is made out of cheap-looking plastic and it is taking up a fair bit of room on the sales counter. Why? Because you went with The Bad and The Downright Ugly EPOS system when you could have had better.

Don’t Make the Wrong Decision