Integrated payment systems

Create a sleeker checkout experience by sharing the details from your till with the terminal. Our intergrated card payments solution is better for your customers, your staff and your business.

We make processing of card payments quicker and end-of-the-day reconciliation easier with the intergrated card payment system. This innovative payment solution enables you to offer a smoother customer experience, with quicker throughput to save your staff time and no re-keying of a transaction to cut errors.

With support for traditional tills, tablets and kiosks, you can choose from a range of connection options, as well as integrating it with Windows and avoid paying gateway fees.

Key Benefits

  • Better customer experience
  • Fast throughput so more time for your staff
  • No re-keying of transactions
  • Easy reconciliation
  • No gateway fees
  • Supports Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Various connection options – USB, RS232, and over IP

Serve customers faster.

With your card machine and EPOS working in
perfect harmony, there’s no need to enter payment
amounts twice.


Protect your profits.

Fewer miskeying mistakes means our integrated
customers save up to £140 per month in written-off revenue.


Cash up quicker.

Now you can free up a third of the time you’d normally
spend cashing-up – with takings that automatically
add up at the end of the day.



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