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About mediguard 

Having CCTV systems at your business will help you to reduce theft, vandalism and monitor your premises.

With external cameras to keep the exterior of you building safe, and interior cameras to help you spot theft and maintain a safe workplace, you can have piece of mind knowing you have every angle is  covered.

Are you looking for an alarm to protect your premisses?

MedeGuard will find the best system to suite your business’ needs. Whether it be door contacts, motion sensors or even glass-breaking sensors, you can trust us to get the right system for you.

For extra piece of mind, you can have real-time notifications if any sensors are triggered.

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With Hikvision’s systems, you can have complete piece of mind knowing everything can be controlled  directly by your mobile device—from remotely viewing your CCTV system, reviewing CCTV footage, or checking that you enabled your Hikvision AX Pro alarm system. You’ll have real-time notification should your alarm be triggered, and many more features. All you need is an internet connection.

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