Head Office Software

BOSS Retail Suite can extend your interaction with customer,
both inside and outside the store

About head office software 

BOSS Retail Suite is designed to integrate with current technology and emerging technologies you will want to use in the future – into one seamless and highly flexible solution.

BOSS Retail Suite can extend your interaction with customer, both inside and outside the store. BOSS Retail Suite can also provide information that you need to establish a real one-to-one relationships with your customers while helping you to more efficiently and profitably operate your retail environments.

Software Features

Monitor a product from order right through to sale or return

Compare suppliers’ prices

Link products together. Know, without checking the shelves

Monitor trends

Make improvements or changes in pricing or buying

Compare and chart sales and orders from single lines to entire suppliers.

Work out if a product line is seasonal or a best seller

Need to work from home. Boss ensures you can continue to manage your sales with the option of remote working

Remotely view live till activity

See live sales totals.

Send messages to a till screen.

Boss boasts a host of features to make life easier when it comes to re-pricing.

Simply click to change the price of an item via the flexible stock grid, manage promotions including happy hour, mix and match and multi-buy.

Built-in printing for shelf-edge labels and barcoded stock labels.

Custom Reporting

MSSQL Database

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