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Rear Screen Displays: Ways to Connect Better with Your Customers

We live in a world of screens. If we’re not sat in front of one at work all day on our laptops and PCs, we’re spending our spare time watching TV or playing with our smartphones. People get anxious about cutting down on their ‘screen time, but there’s no denying the impact digital displays have on our lives.

As many of our clients have discovered, a well-positioned screen at point of sale can even have a positive impact on your business.

It is becoming commonplace to run EPOS systems using the latest LCD touchscreens.

But the use of a screen at point of sale does not have to end there. Whether a stand-alone display unit or a ‘rear screen’ attached to an EPOS terminal, customer-facing screens can be put to a wide range of uses in aid of better service and to maximise marketing opportunities.

In an information age where customers expect to be kept fully informed, display screens have an important role to play. Here are some of stories we’ve been hearing about customer-facing screens in use.

Full Visibility

Customer-facing screens are particularly popular with our pharmacy clients. The rear screen displays are used to play promotional videos, mimicking the way content is widely used in ecommerce nowadays to influence shopping decisions and support cross-selling opportunities.

“By supplying the YUNO with a customer-facing screen, we have been able to increase sales through promotional videos and images” Lindsay and Gilmour pharmacy.

Minimising errors

As well as using them to display promotions and eye-catching marketing materials, Medepos reports that its clients find customer screens useful during transaction. By showing the customer what is being input as they place an order, errors are minimised while it also creates opportunities to up-sell additional items.

AURES manufactures two types of customer screens. The OLC 10.1 and OLC 10.1 Touch are full colour display units in a non-touch and touchscreen version. The OLC 10.1 Touch provides an extra dimension of interaction for customer.

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