MedEpos Web A8 II


MedEpos Web/A8 II
Aluminium case, J4125 8GB RAM 128 GB SSD
15-inch LED display with 1024*768 resolution
300:1 Contrast, 350cd/㎡ Brightness
Serial Com ports x 2 1 female, 1 male
5*USB type 2.0, 1*USB type 3.0
1*10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
RJ11 cash drawer port
10” Rear Display
windows 10

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3-year Hardware RTB* Warranty
1-Year Software Warranty

Barcode Scanner Zebra DS9308 – USB Scanner
Printer ODP333
Cash Drawer

*RTB - Return to Base

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Software Warranty The Software will operate in conformity with the then current standard Documentation (except for minor defects or errors not material to the core functionality of the Software under normal use and circumstances) for a period of ninety (365) days from the date of initial delivery of the Software (“Warranty Period”). If the Software does not perform in accordance with the foregoing warranty during the Warranty Period, You must tell Us so in writing and during the Warranty Period and assuming We can verify such nonconformity, We will use reasonable efforts to correct any deficiencies in the Software so that it will perform in accordance with such warranty. Your sole and exclusive remedy, and Our sole obligation in the event of nonconformity of the Software with the foregoing warranty will be the correction of the condition making it nonconforming. If We are not able correct the alleged breach of warranty, then We will refund applicable fees paid for a perpetual licence to the Software and will refund applicable fees paid for the remainder of the Term for subscription licensed Software. Your obligation is to provide all information reasonably requested to enable Us to cure the nonconformity. The above warranty specifically excludes defects resulting from accident, Internet, abuse, unauthorized repair, modifications, misapplication, or use of the Software that is otherwise materially inconsistent with the Documentation. Hardware Return-to-Base Warranty All products are covered by a 12-month return- to-base warranty from the date of purchase. Should you encounter any manufacturing faults or issues with your product after you have purchased it, you should first access the comprehensive user manuals that we provide to attempt troubleshooting. If there is still a fault, the Customer will need to return – at your own cost – the faulty products(s) for testing and repair. The Customer must ensure that all items are packaged securely as MedEpos (nor the manufacturer) is not liable for any loss or damage caused as a result of any poorly sealed package during transit. Should the manufacturer find no fault with the product or that repair is down to user error and is not covered by the warranty, our customer services team will contact you advising you of any additional costs to repair. Please note that products where no faults are found or fault is not covered by the warranty, it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for the item to be collected. There are many things that are not covered by warranty and where this is the case, the Customer will need to pay for any repairs. Common exceptions may include the following, but not limited to: • Misuse • Site issues (eg. room temperatures/ventilation/positioning) • Failure to clean or maintain the product in accordance with instructions • Incorrect, poor or faulty installation/re-assembly • Physical damage • Damage/blockages caused by foreign objects • Faults caused by poor quality products/detergents etc. • Failure to comply with the instructions supplied with the product Before returning your item, we strongly suggest you carry out checks to ensure the fault is with the product itself and covered by the warranty. Please contact MedEpos at to confirm the terms of the warranty and to provide you with a returns number and return address for your package. Please note MedEpos will not accept responsibility for any defect or failure of goods notified after the expiry of the warranty period no matter when the defect or failure occurred — this includes prior to the warranty expiry date. MedEpos is not liable for any loss of profits, business interruption or sales issues that may occur directly, indirectly or incidentally due to a defective or faulty commercial unit. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that these eventualities are prepared for, as such MedEpos cannot offer any replacement to cover this loss of equipment.