As a small business owner you have probably come across a myriad of ads and blog gets about how iPAD® POS systems are revolutionizing the industry. Sounds great, right? But is it??

No. In fact, a closer look reveals that they just fail to live up to the hype. Moreover, there are far fewer people interested in them than you would expect. Just look up Google Trends™ in comparison to POS systems. Here’s why…

Service – You no longer have someone, who can come and fix it, when it breaks on a Friday night. Furthermore, regular iOS devices such as an iPad lack options for remote access or screen sharing. This shortcoming makes it much harder to provide high quality support.

Update delays & App Store – Software is an ongoing project. New hardware, new standards, new technologies or worse – bugs, all require software updates. iPAD® POS apps have to get approved by Apple™ before they become available to users. Do you really want to wait, because your POS app is not compatible with iOS XX?? Worst of all, if your app provider fails to adhere to Apple™’s policies, you can find your POS app banned, leaving you stranded.

Numerous dubious iPad apps – They will quickly pollute the market with flunky solutions and therefore give the product niche a bad name as well as obscure the companies that actually do a decent job.

Notion of low cost is a myth – With addition of a WiFi infrastructure, data plans, and investment on compatible peripheral devices plus stands, there is little chance you’ll come out ahead of traditional POS systems.

WiFi requirement & associated system vulnerability – Aside from elevating the start-up cost, all peripherals connected to the iPAD® POS via LAN also create a weak spot for your business. If your WiFi access point or switch goes offline, none of your POS stations will be able to print or even open your cash drawer. Every iPad will instantly disconnect from each other and their peripherals until you can get your network back online.

Liability – iPAD®s break easily in busy environments. An iPAD®s also represents a desirable item and therefore runs the risk of theft. You’ll have to spend additional money to insure them.

Portability is a myth – If your new tablet POS system is sitting on a counter you’re better off with a standard POS system. Unless you like to wear the iPAD® around your neck all day…

Poor customer retention – many businesses end up returning the iPAD®s and investing in traditional POS systems again.